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Ženski strip na Balkanu
Publication date August 20, 2010
Published by Fibra (Croatia)

Mark Batty (US)

ISBN 9781935613503 (US)
Ženski strip na Balkanu (Balkan Women in Comics, sold in the United States as Balkan Comics: Women on the Fringe) is an anthology of comics by women from the Balkan countries of Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, and Macedonia.


Edited by Irene Jukić-Pranjić and Marko Sunjic

American VersionEdit

The American translation removed Ivanke Apostolove, Zrinke Ostović, Ines Dedović, Tanje Komadina, and Biljane Malešević and added Anna Ehrlemark, Katie Woznicki, Ivane Pipal, Johanna Marcadé and Mina Fina


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