A Comic of Her Own: Women Writing, Reading, and Embodying Through Comics was an academic conference at the University of Florida in March 2013 on the intersection of female comics creators, characters, and readers.



  • Testing Bechdel
    • “Does 21st century feminist fiction challenge or uphold conventional notions of the family? A critique of A Mercy and Fun Home,” by Monalesia Earle, University of London
    • “Writing a History of Difference: Queer Identity and Experience in Fun Home,” by Margaret Fink, University of Chicago
  • The ‘I’ in Woman: Women, Comics and Biography
    • “Cuter in Real Life: Aline Kominsky-Crumb’s Approach to Autobiography,” by Carmen Merport, University of Chicago
    • “Women, Webcomics, and Transformational Consciousness: Investigating First Person Comics Online,” Veronica Vold, University of Oregon
    • “The Transformation of Silence through Violence: A Feminist Reading of ‘Hush,’” Matthew Ziegler, Truman State University
  • Manga Made for Women: Shoujo and Shounen-ai
    • “Disempowering Visions of Ideal Love in Shoujo Manga Nana and Gravitation,” by Mia Lewis, Stanford University
    • “The hysterical subject of shojo: The dark, twisted heroines in Revolutionary Girl Utena and Puella Magi Madoka Magica,” by Lien Fan Shen, University of Utah
    • “Critiquing Masculine Impressions of Feminine Storytelling: In Defense of Moto Hagio’s The Heart of Thomas,” by Carolynn Calabrese, Managing Editor, NOVI Magazine
  • Gender and Reworking Cultural Traditions
    • “Women in War,” by James Ewald, Grand View University
    • “Matriarchs, maidens and moles: Syd Hoff’s binders of women,” by Dina Weinstein, Miami Dade College
    • “The Visual Re-imagination of a Picture Storytelling Epic Tradition,” by Anuja Madan, University of Florida
  • Good Girls, Bad Girls and Models
    • “Evolving sub-texts in the visual exploitation of the female form: Good girl and bad girl comic art pre- and post-Second Wave Feminism,” by Christopher J. Hayton, Florida State University College of Social Work
    • “Betty, Hannah, and Thorn: The Return of the Good Girl,” by Spencer M. Chalifour, University of Florida
    • “Super Models: Representations of Fashion Models in Comic Arts,” by Francesca Lyn, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Is Anybody in the Mainstream?
    • “Zombie Apocalypse as Fantastic Four Reboot: The Walking Dead’s 1960s Gender Formula,” by Chris Gavaler, Washington & Lee University
    • “I Would Whip Some with Scorpions: Aesthetics of Rage in the Graphic Woman,” by Cassandra Dunn, University of Chicago
    • “‘It’s About Power and It’s About Women’: Gender, Power, and the Political Economy of Superheroes in Wonder Woman and Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” by Carolyn Cocca, State University of New York, College at Old Westbury
  • Women Underground
    • Twisted Sisters: Women’s Comix and Cultural Action,” by Samantha Meier, Harvard University
    • “‘The Frontlines of the Sex Wars’: Sexuality & Feminism in Women’s Underground Comix” by Margaret Galvan, CUNY Graduate School
    • “Women and Underground Comix: It Ain't Me Babe as Feminist Cultural Activism,” by Ian Blechschmidt, Northwestern University
  • Marginalized Women: Out of the Margins and Onto the Page
    • “Batwoman Makes the Big Leagues and is Queer to Boot” by Dianna Baldwin, Michigan State University
    • “The all-inclusive label of queer: Visualizing Gender Fluidity in the Comics of Cristy C. Road, Erika Moen, and Lucy Knisley,” by Gwen Athene Tarbox, Western Michigan University
    • “Black & White or Color? Women and Ethnicity in American Comics,” by Amy Chu, Alpha Girl Comics Publisher/Co-Founder, Harvard Business School

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