Adriana (Vargas) Blake is an artist and animator originally born and raised in Venezuela. She left her homeland in 1996 with her family to live in the US., where she finished her high school studies and took some college courses. In 2002 she attended Sheridan College for their then-3-year Classical Animation program, and graduated in 2005. During her time in Canada she met her now-husband Alex Blake, whom she married in 2008. Since graduation, she has worked on many freelance jobs, including commercials, websites, TV shows, and the award-winning clasically animated short "The Firefly and the Stars."

During a long lull in between jobs, her first webcomic "Fall on Me" was born. It was a combination of finding something to do to keep her artistically active, and the accumulation of funny anecdotes between herself and her husband that gave way to the first few comic strips. "Fall on Me" made its online debut in February of 2009 and it is still being updated to this day. It is also available in Spanish as "Cuenta Conmigo."

She currently lives in Canada with her husband and two pet parrots.

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