Adrienne Roy (June 28, 1953[1]December 14, 2010) was an American colorist who worked primarily for DC Comics. She was largely responsible for coloring the Batman line throughout the 1980s and early 1990s. Her credit appeared on more Batman comics than any other creator besides Bob Kane.[2]

Life & CareerEdit

Roy grew up in Vernon, New Jersey,[3] then attended an art school in Wayne, New Jersey, where she studied painting techniques. Her first contact with comics was through collecting Marvel Comics' Tomb of Dracula, The Sub-Mariner and Conan the Barbarian. Roy's first work as a comics colorist was assisting her then-husband Anthony Tollin, who worked for DC Comics at the times. But it was long-time colorist Jack Adler who would give her the first job at DC: the cover of DC Special Series #8 (featuring the Batman, Deadman and Sgt. Rock team-up). Adler and Sol Harrison (who was also a colorist) were considered by Roy herself as her mentors and both trained her on coloring during the first years at DC.[4]

Roy was also responsible for the coloring on many other titles during that time period: The New Teen Titans, The Warlord, Weird War Tales and Madame Xanadu. Nevertheless, she is predominantly known for her work on the Batman books: Batman, Detective Comics, Batman: Shadow of the Bat, Batman: Gotham Knights, and Robin.

When computerized colors arrived to comics, the assignments to classic colorists decreased a lot. By 2000, Roy was largely out of work, despite training herself on the computer. Roy spent her last days battling cancer.[4] Roy finally died in Austin, Texas, at age 57 on December 14, 2010.[2] She is survived by her ex-husband, their daughter Katrina, and her brother Normand Roy.[3]

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