Alberta Emma Tews, also credited as "Al Tews", (not to be confused with the "Tewks" who drew for Harwell/Comic Media in the 1950s) was a penciller, inker, writer and letterer in the Golden Age.

Tewks started as a freelance letterer for Timely Comics, during Vince Fago's tenure as Editor-in-Chief (1942-1945).[1]


  • Blue Beetle (1942) #17
    • "The Case of the Twisted Minds"
  • Captain Fearless (1941) #2
    • "Nazi Spy Ring"
  • Captain Aero (1941) #6, 9-10
    • Miss Victory feature
    • "A Foray In the Night"
    • "Men of the Underground"
  • Cat-Man Comics (1942) #17
    • "Demon of Destruction"


  • Miss Victory Golden Anniversary Special (1991)
    • "Nazi Spy Ring!" (script)


  1. Interview with Vince Fago, Alter-Ego Magazine. Vol. 3 no. 11, November 2001. p. 17

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