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Amy Reeder
Born: August 25, 1980
Country: United States
Area(s): Artist, Manga
Notable Work: Fool's Gold, Madame Xanadu
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Amy Reeder (born August 25, 1980), also credited as Amy Reeder Hadley or Amy Hadley, is an American artist and OEL mangaka. She is best known for her work on Madame Xanadu and is sharing art duties with J.H. Williams III on the much-anticipated Batwoman ongoing series.

Life and CareerEdit

Reeder was born in Denver, Colorado. She earned a B.S. in Social Science Teaching, taking up art only after she started reading manga. She entered the fourth Rising Stars of Manga contest, held by Tokyopop, and was the runner-up. Tokyopop then gave her a three book deal to create her own OEL manga series, Fool's Gold, the first of which was released in July 2006. However, Tokyopop cancelled the series, along with most of their OEL manga, after only two volumes.

She soon moved into the American comics industry, taking on art duties for Madame Xanadu, written by Matt Wagner for DC's Vertigo imprint. Though not the only artist to work on the series, she became the one most identified with it. She also began doing covers for Supergirl in 2010.

After Madame Xanadu ended, she entered discussions with DC Editor in Chief Dan Didio about become an exclusive artist. He then offered her the upcoming Batwoman ongoing series, a follow-up to the character's acclaimed run in Detective Comics. Reeder will be alternating story arcs with the series's co-writer and artist J.H. Williams III.

Awards and RecognitionEdit

  • 2004: Runner-up, Tokyopop's Rising Stars of Manga
  • 2009: Eisner Award Nominee: Best New Series (with Matt Wagner), Best Penciller/Inker Team (with Richard Friend), Best Cover Artist; all for Madame Xanadu



  • Fool's Gold vol. 1-2


  • Batwoman (2010) #0
  • House of Mystery (2008) Halloween Annual 1
    • "Madame Xanadu in: Captive Audience"
  • Madame Xanadu (2008) #1-10, 16-18, 21

Cover ArtistEdit

  • Supergirl (2005) #55-61, 63, Annual 2

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