Ancco (앙꼬; born October 23, 1983) is the pen-name of Choi Kyung Jin (최경진), creator of the webcomic Ancco's Picture Diary.

In January 2017, her book Bad Friends, published in French as Mauvaises filles, was awarded the Prix Révélation at the Angoulême International Comics Festival. She was the first Korean ever to be honored at Angoulême.


  • 앙꼬의 그림일기 1 & 2 ("Ancco's Picture Diary"; Sai Comics, 2004 & 2008)
    • French edition: Jindol et moi (Picquier, 2007)
  • 비 비율, 거기 섯! ("Rain rate, there you go!"; Bookmentor, 2006)
  • 분수, 넌 내 밥이야! ("Fountain, you're my rice!"; Bookmentor, 2007)
  • 열아홉 ("Nineteen"; Sai Comics, 2007)
    • French edition: Aujourd'hui n'existe pas (Cornélius, 2009)
  • 내가 살던 용산 ("I lived in Yongsan"; Boribook, 2010)
  • 나쁜 친구 ("Bad Friends"; Changbi, 2012)
    • French edition: Mauvaises filles (Cornélius, 2016)
  • 삼십 살 ("Thirty years old"; Sakyejul, 2013)
  • 섬과 섬을 잇다. 2 ("Island and island 2"; Hanibook, 2015)


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