Annie Parkhouse, née Halfacree, is a British comics letterer. She started out as a bodger on IPC's Lion in 1970. Making occasional lettering corrections led to being offered lettering work, and by 1972 she was getting enough work to go freelance. Since then she has worked for Warrior and Marvel UK, as well as Marvel, DC and Dark Horse in the US. She currently letters for 2000 AD, including taking over as letterer of flagship strip "Judge Dredd" after Tom Frame died.

In the 1970s she wrote a comic strip adaptation of a Quatermass screenplay for House of Hammer magazine. Outside of comics, she has taught ceramics at an art school and trained as a kinesiologist, and has a regular job as an architectural librarian. She lives in Carlisle. Her husband, Steve Parkhouse, is a comics writer, artist and letterer.


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