Asia Alfasi (b. Libya, April 20, 1984) moved to Scotland with her family as a child, and currently lives in Birmingham and has been a full-time artist since 2003. Her manga-influenced comics synthesise her experience of Islamic, Libyan and British culture.

She won the Hi8tus Midlands Strip Search competition for best new manga and anime talent in 2005.[1] Her first major work, "JinNarration", was published in the Mammoth Book of Best New Manga. Her semi-autobiagraphical story "The Non-Savvy Non-Commuter" was displayed on the walls of Piccadilly Circus tube station as part of its centenary celebrations in 2006-7.[2]

She is working on a graphic novel Ewa, about a young girl growing up in Libya and Scotland, to be published by Bloomsbury,[3] and adapting the play Looking for Yoghurt to comics. Another forthcoming project is The Adventures of Joseph and Jasmine.


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