Association Artémisia is a French organization, led by Chantal Montellier, that awards a prize, le Prix Artémisia, every year to a graphic narrative by a woman. The prize is named after the Italian Renaissance artist Artemisia Gentileschi. It is awarded on the 9th of January, the birthday of existentialist philosopher and feminist pioneer Simone de Beauvoir.

Originally, it bestowed a singular award. However, over the years, they added first a special jury prize, before restructuring the award into four categories: the Grand Prix, a special jury prize, a humor prize, and a prize for a creator's first published work (prix avenir, or "future prize").

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Winners in bold, an asterisk denotes a work originally published in English, a dagger denotes those available in English translation (English titles given when either is the case), and a double dagger denote works available to the US market in French through Amazon Kindle and Comixology.








2015 Edit

Hors Sélection - An Homage to Jacqueline Duhême

2016 Edit

Mention Spéciale du Jury/Special Jury Mention

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Other works in selection:

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Other works in selection:

Pluri(elles): Les femmes s'illustrent Edit

For Association's Artémisia's 10th anniversary, an exposition was held at the Galerie Art-Maniak in Paris, France, from June 9th to July 1st, 2017. It exhibited original art from artists whose works had been selected over the ten year history of the Prix Artémisia, including:

  • Céline Wagner (Grand Prix Artémisia 2017)
  • Claire Braud (Prix Artémisia 2012)
  • Cecilia Capuana (jury member)
  • Catel Muller (Prix Artémisia 2014)
  • Rachel Deville (Selection 2014 and 2017)
  • Sylvie Fontaine (Selection 2017)
  • Marion Laurent (Selection 2010 and 2016)
  • Mandragore (Selection 2017)
  • Laureline Mattiussi (Prix Artémisia 2010)
  • Fanny Michaëlis (Selection 2017)
  • Chantal Montellier (Co-founder)
  • Jeanne Puchol (Co-founder and Prix Artémisia 2013)
  • Silvia Radelli (jury member)
  • Théa Rojzman (Special Jury Prize 2016)
  • Perrine Rouillon (Selection 2017)

Much of the exhibited art has also been made available for purchase by the gallery.

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