Beldan Sezen
Born: 1967
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Beldan Sezen Edit

Beldan Sezen (born May, 26 1967) is a cartoonist and author based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

In her current practice she uses drawing, collage and text to create stand-alone works and comic scenarios. She has given workshops and master classes, participated in comic jams and exhibitions in Amsterdam, London, Berlin, Wiesbaden, Istanbul, New York, Beirut and Aleppo. 

Publications Edit

Snapshots of a Girl (2015)

To Separate The Body From The Machine (2015)

Sulla Mia Pelle (2014)

HOMŒ Soul Crime New York (2013)

Gezi Park (2013)

Writers in the Crowd (2013)

circumstances (2012)

Zakkum, a graphic murder mystery (2011)

A girl called 'Halt' (2009)

My Own Sex in the City, Qunst.mag, issue, 'experiments in living' (2009)

Fear City, The Girly Comic, issue 17 (2008)

Further reading Edit

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