Elizabeth "Betty" Bentley (August 2, 1916 - June 14, 2004) was a letterer for DC Comics in the 1940s, where she assisted her artist brothers, Jack and Ray Burnley.

Life & Career Edit

Bentley was born to Martin Dupree and Elizabeth "Bessie" (Birdsong) Burley in New York in August 1916, the youngest of four children.[1] Her father died about a year after she was born; as of 1920, her older siblings Martine and Dupree ("Ray") were supporting the family as an artist's model and broker's clerk respectively.[2] By 1935, she had married her husband, William Ettinger Bentley, and had their one daughter, Elizabeth Burnley Bentley, in New York City.[3] At some point, she studied at the Art Students League.[4]

Around 1940, her brother Hardin ("Jack") started penciling Superman features for DC Comics,[5] and both she and her brother Ray assisted him, lettering and inking his work respectively.[4]

She died in 2004.[4]


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