Broad Appeal is an anthology released by the New York chapter of Friends of Lulu in 2003. It include both comics and articles and interviews with women professionals.

Book DescriptionEdit

The New York chapter of Friends of Lulu presents an anthology of illustrated stories that engagingly showcase the diversity of female artists writing and drawing comics today. From dramatic mystery and humorous fantasy to insightful narratives, this collection offers something for everyone.



  • Sequential Tart: Strength in Diversity by Lee Atchison
  • Punk Rock Comix interview with Abby Denson and Jenny Gonzales, by Dave Roman
  • Doreen A. Mulryan: Monkey Business: interview by Jennifer M. Contino
  • Jennifer Moore: A Laugh a Minute: interview by Roman
  • Lela Lee: Acting Angry: interview by Roman
  • Vanessa Santone: Comics Mind: interview by Contino
  • Catherine Tutrone: Having Full-Time Fun: interview by Contino

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