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Cécilia Capuana
Country: Italy
Area(s): Cartoonist
Notable Work: Ah ! Nana contributions
Web Presence

Cécilia Capuana is an Italian cartoonist who contributed to Ah ! Nana and Wimmen's Comix. After Ah ! Nana was shut down, she moved exclusively in to fine arts and painting.[1]

She studied at the School of Art in Rome and the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.[2]


  1. Interview with Chantal Montellier Actes Sur BD, August 25, 2011. "Until '[Ah ! Nana]', women cartoonists were confined to children's publishing...Unfortunately Nicole [Claveloux] had at that time, [gone] back to the youth sector after the death of Ah ! Nana...[she was] not the only (what about Cecilia Capuana for example?)"
  2. Spazio Tadini: Capuana

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