Carol-Anne McFarlane is an American comic book artist.

McFarlane grew up in Broward County, Florida, where she began drawing from a young age; in kindergarten, one of her drawings was selected for display at the county fair. While in middle school, a magnet school for Performing and Visual Arts, one of her pieces won a Scholastic Art Award and was displayed in New York. Also in middle school, she started reading comics.

While attending Dillard High School, another magnet school for Visual Art, she showed her work at the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art. Her Senior Show took place at the Hollywood Art and Culture Center, where she sold two pieces.

She attended the Atlanta College of Art in Atlanta, Georgia, where she majored in Illustration. During her senior year, she was chosen for the Allcott scholarship, which included an all-expense paid trip to New York City to tour the galleries, museums, and meet working artists.

Artistic StatementEdit

What does “My purpose is breaking boundaries” mean?
It means I am here to tread new ground, explore new ideas, and challenge associations and assumptions. It is a commitment to myself to question the status quo and to discover new ways to express my creativity.
Boundaries are personal and social. They are made up of experiences that we have collected and shared as a society. Sometimes these boundaries are structured in a way that inhibits us from exploring what could be.
My purpose is breaking boundaries in Visual Communication. I stand for strong clear visual communication that informs and entertains. My understanding of current market trends and debates coupled with current theoretical ideas surrounding comics insures that my work is contemporary and valid. It is grounded in the contemporary landscape of the mainstream comics industry.
I am committed to lifelong learning. I am constantly taking classes to expand my artistic repertoire. I am always asking new questions and exploring new ideas and methods.
I am up to date with the latest podcasts, books, and magazines. The ideas and events discussed in, not just comics, but art, science, and business, inform my approach to art making.
I am committed to providing clear dynamic storytelling the features an unique point of view in an original voice.