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In the Appendix of David Hajdu's The Ten-Cent Plague, he put a list of creators who stopped working in comics after the social backlash and Senate crackdown of the '50s. I've extracted the women's names from the list and started to go through and research them. If you'd like to pitch in, by all means! If you don't feel like writing anything up and you just want to leave some notes, that would also be fantastic. And if you have Hajdu's book, he has some information on quite a few of these women, so it wouldn't be a bad place to start.

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  1. Professional credit names are preferred; where a creator's professional name changes mid-career (i.e. marriage), the earliest professional name + the new surname is preferred.
  2. Names with a ? after them are people of whom I am unsure of their gender.
  3. A word of caution on research with Atlas Tales: Timely/Atlas published a lot of girl's magazines composed mainly of text articles with a few comic stories. Also, many articles were written by men with female psuedonyms. Try to verify that the writers actually existed and wrote comics before adding them.

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