Dirty Diamonds is an anthology based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, edited by Kelly Phillips & Claire Folkman. Each of the first four issues were donated in 2013 to the permanent comics collection at the Library of Congress, as part of the Library's joint effort with the Small Press Expo to preserve independent comics.


Issue 1: AlcoholEdit


Published August 2011

The first issue of DIRTY DIAMONDS debuted in the summer of 2011 with the theme ALCOHOL.

Issue 2: JobsEdit


Published April 2012

The second issue of DIRTY DIAMONDS! Featuring 10 stories about JOBS! The first open-submission issue doubled the size of the first book and features international contributors!

Issue 3: TravelEdit


Published Winter 2012

The third issue of DIRTY DIAMONDS, featuring comics about Travel! Read about getting good and lost, dumb tourists, meeting childhood heroes, life in the future, resigning to life on a bus, hot oil in France, crazy storms, and how a road trip leads to unexpected places.

Issue 4: Break-upsEdit


Published Fall 2013

The fourth installment of DIRTY DIAMONDS, debuting at SPX 2013! Featuring 12 stories about BREAK-UPS with boyfriends, spirituality, virtual pet gaming sites, and other subjects guaranteed to make you feel a little uncomfortable.

Issue 5: ComicsEdit

Published May 2014; debuted at Toronto Comics Art Festival.
The milestone fifth issue of DIRTY DIAMONDS, and this one's a doozy! Our first professionally printed book features 32 artists from six different contries all telling stories about the medium that means the most to them - comics! Read stories about these artists' best, worst, and first experiences with comics.

Cover by Carey Pietsch

Issue 6: Beauty Edit

Published September 2015; debuted at Small Press Expo.
From feelings about bodies and hair, to surgery scars and extra nipples, to gut bacteria and gargoyles, this book is bursting with incredible comics by amazing women from around the world. Dirty Diamonds #6: Beauty features comics from over 50 contributors in a massive collection that aims to celebrate, examine, challenge, and embrace what beauty is all about.

Cover by Carolyn Nowak

Self-Image Edit

Splash page by Kate MacDonald

Bodies Edit

Splash page by Noni Garcia

Appearance Edit

Splash page by Dre Grigoropol

Being Yourself Edit

Splash page by Sara Goetter

Family Edit

Splash page by Anna Krzton

Moments Edit

Splash page by Kimberly Frisch

Issue 7: Imagination Edit

Submissions for issue 7, themed "Imagination", closed March 1, 2016.

External LinksEdit

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