Diva Grafix and Stories, published by Starhead Comix


Issue 1Edit


Published November 1993

Cover by Fiona Smyth

  • Title page by Ellen Forney
  • Sugar Sandwich by Fiona Smyth
  • Fairfaced Mr. Style 4 the First! by Dame Darcy
  • Very Merry Unbirthday by Dame Darcy
  • Food and Spirits by Dame Darcy
  • Dutch Courage by Dame Darcy
  • Anorexia Nervosa is Female Castration by Dame Darcy
  • The Wishing Star by Dame Darcy
  • Richard Dirt, Strega Pez, and Friend the Girl Go Spelunking by Dame Darcy
  • "Let's discuss with Richard..." by Dame Darcy
  • An Old Nursery Rhyme by Dame Darcy
  • The Nightmare by Dame Darcy
  • Spike Waters the Flowers by Ellen Forney
  • My Mom the Kibitz Queen by Ellen Forney
  • Birdie's Absolute Favorite Holiday by Ellen Forney
  • From the Photo Archives of Drag by Ellen Forney
  • Crushed Out by Ellen Forney
  • Back cover by Dame Darcy

Issue 2Edit


Published 1994

Cover by Roberta Gregory

  • Title page by Keenan Dowers
  • Internal wrap cover by E. Fitz Smith
  • Triple Threat by Donna Barr
  • Doudou, the Poilli in: Strays by Diana Sasse
  • Greetings from the Artists by E. Fitz Smith
  • Jobs by E. Fitz Smith
  • Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll by E. Fitz Smith
  • Dream Cake by E. Fitz Smith
  • Babylon Baby by E. Fitz Smith
  • Bath by E. Fitz Smith
  • Just Another Factory Town by E. Fitz Smith
  • Hi, Everybody! by Roberta Gregory
  • Sea Fare by Roberta Gregory
  • Me and the Beatles by Roberta Gregory
  • Anything That Moves by Roberta Gregory
  • Bitchy Bitch Meets Bitchy Butch by Roberta Gregory
  • Back cover by Diana Sasse