Dyke Strippers: Lesbian Cartoonists A to Z, edited by Roz Warren, is a compilation of work by lesbian and bisexual cartoonists published in 1995. The book also features interviews with such creators as Jennifer Camper, Diane DiMassa, and Kris Kovick

Book DescriptionEdit

From Alison Bechdel to Zora, humor anthologist Roz Warren has compiled her best book ever, an action-packed omnibus of the wild imaginations of lesbian cartoonists. Here are your favorite comic characters--Mo and the gang from Dykes to Watch Out For, Hothead and Chicken from Hothead Paisan, Bitchy Bitch, Liliane, and a host of other pen-and-ink lesbian icons--dissing homophobes and politicos, and serving up hilarious slices of lesbian life.


Cover by Diane DiMassa

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