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Eat, Drink and Remarry
Publication date May 2000
Published by Hysteria Publications
ISBN 1887166653
Eat, Drink and Remarry: What Women Really Think About Divorce is a collection, edited by Roz Warren, of cartoons and quotes by female cartoonists and authors about divorce.

Book DescriptionEdit

If you're experiencing that uniquely liberating feeling that only a divorce can bring, you'll love Eat, Drink and Remarry.
This hilarious collection of cartoons and quotes cuts to the core of what women really think about divorce and separation.


  • Everything was Fine Until After the Wedding
  • Little Infidelities
  • I'm Leaving You for All the Right Reasons
  • Walking Out
  • He Left Without Saying Good-bye
  • Bring In the Lawyers
  • What to Tell the Kids
  • Just Divorced
  • Utter Disillusioned, Yet Still Yearning
  • Daddy's New Girlfriend Is a Big Fat Dweeb
  • Living Happily Ever After


Cover by Isabella Bannerman

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