Ellen Cole (December 20, 1918 - March 7, 2007)[1] was a letterer and editor for Continental Publications, as well as Novelty, Orbit, and Star, in the mid- to late-1940s.

Life & CareerEdit

Cole was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and majored in English in college. She was working as figure skating instructor at the Columbus Circle Skating Rink in New York City when she met comics editor and artist Leonard B. Cole. They married in April 1942.

At her husband's suggestion, she took up lettering and became very skilled at it; she also helped him with editing and proofreading. Leonard once explained her contributions:

"She was and is a very brilliant lady, at that time she edited every piece of copy that came out of the company. Well, she started to practice what was called thick and thin lettering. It was not but about a month that she became so adept at it that she was producing about 20-30 pages a day, maybe more....[E]verybody said that her lettering was about as good as it ever gets."[2]

By 1948, she was freelancing as a letterer in addition to assisting her husband. It was her own relationship with publisher Novelty Publications that got Leonard work there as well, the most lucrative of his career.

In the 1960s, she and Leonard established an audio-visual business and worked as educational and promotional filmmakers, including a long-running relationship with University films. She had one daughter, Jean, and at least one grandson.


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