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Emma C. McKean
Area(s): Cartoonist
Notable Work: Sara Lou Sunshine

Emma C. McKean (December 16, 1907 - March 7, 1992[1]) also credited as Ema Keen[2], was a cartoonist and illustrator. As a contributor to New Comics #1, she was the first woman to contribute original comics material to a comic book.


McKean's signature cuckoo bird

Aside from her features for New Comics, published by DC Comics's forerunner National Allied Newspaper Syndicate in the mid-1930s, she also worked on Dell Publications' Looney Tunes licensed comics in the early 1940s.

Also in the 1940s, she illustrated a number of children's books.

Known BibliographyEdit

  • New Comics #1, 3-4
  • Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics (1941) #10, 12, 14-16



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