Eve Furchgott, a.k.a. Even Eve is an American illustrator and underground cartoonist.

Life & CareerEdit

Furchgott was born in New York to Lenore and Robert Furchgott; her father was a Nobel Prize-winning biochemist.

In 1975, while living in the Kerista polyfidelity commune in Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco, she published Far Out West, billed as "The First Utopian Comic Strip", to spread the group's philosophy. The quasi-autobiographical story follows a young woman on a vision quest led by a supercomputer for the "righteous high", meaning the best way of life. Far Out West continued to chronicle Eve's & the commune's progress in periodic strips (published in the group's various newspapers in the Bay Area) until 1991, when the group disbanded.

She currently lives in Hawaii with her husband Tom, working as a freelance children's book illustrator and multimedia artist. Tom also maintains a website preserving the history of the Kerista commune ( Eve's more contemporary artwork and graphics can be seen on her website.

In 2017, she contributed to Trina Robbins's A Minyen Yidn (A Bunch of Jews and Other Stuff), based on short stories written by Robbins's father. A reprint of the complete Far Out West is a possibility within the next few years (only the first 32 pages out of 120 were ever printed in comic book form), as are some new comics, including a possible sequel

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