Evonne Rae (June 17, 1928 - June 4, 1974), often mispelled Yvonne, was a writer and editor for Story Comics and editor for Youthful Magazines, Dell Publications, and Macfadden Publications.

Life & CareerEdit

Rae attended Drake University.[1] In comics, she supposedly wrote many stories for artist Hy Fleishman, and presumably others, for Story Comics.[2]. With penciler Ross Andru and inker Mike Esposito, Rae also wrote a "Captain Marble" parody for Nuts!, Premier Magazine's Mad knock-off. She also wrote regularly for Andru and Esposito's own Mad knock-off, Get Lost![3] Story Comics owner William Friedman testified to the Senate Sub-Committee on Juvenile Delinquency in April 1954 and named a "Miss Rae" as the editor of his comics.[4]

She began working for Dell in about 1961 and eventually became editor-in-chief for Dell Purse Books. She edited such magazines as Teens Today and True Love.

She died in a car accident in June 1974 in East Hampton, New York.[5]


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