Evonne Rae (June 17, 1928 - June 4, 1974), often mispelled Yvonne, was a writer and editor for Story Comics and editor for Youthful Magazines, Dell Publications, and Macfadden Publications.

In comics, she supposedly wrote many stories for artist Hy Fleishman, and presumably others, for Story Comics.[1]. With penciler Ross Andru and inker Mike Esposito, Rae also wrote a "Captain Marble" parody for Nuts!, Premier Magazine's Mad knock-off. She also wrote regularly for Andru and Esposito's own Mad knock-off, Get Lost![2] Story Comics owner William Friedman testified to the Senate Sub-Committee on Juvenile Delinquency in April 1954 and named a "Miss Rae" as the editor of his comics.[3]

She began working for Dell in about 1961 and eventually became editor-in-chief for Dell Purse Books. She edited such magazines as Teens Today and True Love.

She died in a car accident in June 1974 in East Hampton, New York.[4]


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