Faith Erin Hicks is a Canadian comics creator/cartoonist from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Life and CareerEdit

Born in British Columbia, Hicks moved to Ontario at age five. She was homeschooled with her three brothers. After studying animation at Sheridan College, she drew backgrounds to the George of the Jungle animated series.

She first came to prominence as a cartoonist with her long-running webcomic Demonology 101, which she worked on all through college. After it ended, Hicks created a short spinoff of the D101 character Sachs entitled A Distant Faith. Her first traditionally published graphic novel was the zombie-movie inspired comic, Zombies Calling, published by Slave Labor Graphics in 2007, which was soon followed by the boarding school fantasy The War at Ellsmere in 2008.

She continued doing webcomics, including the dystopian comic Ice (originally published on Modern Tales) which ran from 2003 to 2010. She also worked briefly in traditional comic strip publishing with the 12-part Jenny Has Six Brothers, serialized in the Halifax Chronicle-Herald. She combined the two approaches when she launches The Adventures of Superhero Girl in 2010, serializing it both online and in the Halifax free weekly The Coast. A collection was published by Dark Horse in 2013

Hicks has also collaborated with writers on a number of projects. In 2010, she drew Brain Camp, written by Susan Kim and Laurence Klavan, published by First Second. In 2012, she collaborated with writer J. Torres on Bigfoot Boy: Into the Woods for a Canadian children’s publisher. In 2013, she adapted Prudence Shen’s unpublished novel Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong for First Second. She has also taken licensed work, such as a Nextwave short story in Marvel’s Girl Comics anthology, and Dark Horse’s adaptation of the video game The Last of Us (the comic is subtitled American Dreams), written by the game’s writer, Neil Druckmann.

Hicks’s origins in webcomics has stayed with her through her thriving print career; she frequently serializes her comics online before its print publication, including 2012’s Friends with Boys and Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong. The success of those books has led publisher First Second to serialize other graphic novels ahead of publication as well. Bone cartoonist Jeff Smith has referred to the process as “the Faith Erin Hicks model,” and plans to do a series of his own that way.[1]

For future projects, Hicks has expressed a desire to do a historical fantasy comic based in Asian history.[1]


Print booksEdit

  • Zombies Calling (2007, SLG Publishing)
  • The War at Ellsmere (2008, SLG Publishing)
  • Girl Comics #2 - "Do You Ever?" (2010, Marvel)
  • Brain Camp (2010, First Second Books)
  • Friends With Boys (2012, First Second Books)



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