Fanny was a British cartoonists' group and umbrella name for a few anthologies edited by Carol Bennett and Cath Tate, started in 1991. It was published by Knockabout Comics in the United Kingdom and distributed in the United States by Last Gasp.

Cover GalleryEdit

Fanny seriesEdit



Cover by Angela Martin

Voyeuese: Women View SexEdit


Published 1991

Cover by Fiametta Alley

  • Blue Rinse by Corinne Pearlman
  • Silent Majority by Maggie Ling
  • One Man's Meat is Another Man's Poisson by Julie Hollings
  • Techno-Nympho by Chris Best
  • What Is Casual Sex? by Frances Bennett
  • Kiss and Make Up by Carol Swain
  • Sex Kittens and Mice and Men by Arja Kajermo
  • Working Woman's Stand-Up by Annie Lawson
  • Untitled by Jo McLaren
  • Sex and the New Man by Jacqui Adams
  • The Peep Show by Rachael Ball
  • To Fruitbat by Jackie Smith
  • Sex: A Dyke's Dilemma by Wendy Eastwood
  • Origins of a Sexual Disaster Area by Lee Kennedy
  • Untitled by Viv Quillin
  • Stranger Than Fiction Is Fact!! by Sian Thomas
  • Back cover by Maggie Ling

Immaculate Deception: Dissenting WomenEdit


Published 1992

Cover by: Lillian Mousli

Night Fruits: Prophetic WomenEdit


Published 1993

Cover by Lee Kennedy

  • On the Night Circuit written by Susan Catherine, art by Cinders McCleod
  • The Incisive Insights of the Night by Karen Donnelly
  • No Matter How Bad It Is It Can Always Get Worse by Jackie Smith
  • Cassandra at Sainsburys by Jeremy Dennis
  • The Distant Future by Carol Swain
  • Untitled by Josephine Campbell
  • In Dreams by Lee Kennedy
  • Never Look Back written by Jenni Scott, art by Beccy Matthews
  • Night Fruits written by Jamie Heads-Santana, art by Suzy Varty
  • The Curse of Apollo by Jacqui Adams and Juliet Gosling
  • Wet Lettuce Counsels the Menstrual Sibyl by Annie Lawson
  • The Flasher by Isabel Toledo
  • Back Cover by Cinders McLeod

Dyke's Delight!Edit

Issue 1Edit


Published 1993

Covers by: Kate Charlesworth

Rebel Without A Cat!Edit


Published 1994

Covers by: Kate Charlesworth

  • Stonewall Riots by Andrea Natalie
  • Auntie Studs: Rebel Without A Cat! by Kate Charlesworth
  • Raasha After Mars by Karen Platt
  • The Loudest Dyke in Town by Grizelda Grizlingham
  • Lisa Jean Comes Out by Jennifer Camper
  • Stonewall Riots by Andrea Natalie
  • Tell-Tale Love by Lucy Byatt
  • Anxious Alex by Grizelda Grizlingham
  • Liliane in Breeders by Leanne Franson
  • Bitchy Butch Returns by Roberta Gregory
  • When Dykes Win Awards by Jennifer Camper

Seven Ages of WomanEdit


Though Seven Ages predates the "Fanny" brand, it was later listed under the brand in Knockabout Comics's catalog.[1]

Published May 1990 (ISBN 0861660870)

Edited by Carol Bennett

Cover by Caroline Della Porta

Women Out-of-LineEdit


Published March 1997 (ISBN 0861661281)


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