Filthy Figments is a subscription-based erotic webcomics site run by Strawberry Comics featuring porn comics by women.


  • 100 Percent by Gutsy
  • Ahoy! by Kickingshoes
  • The Armorsmith's Daughter by Jamie Jennings
  • Beau and the Beast by Gina Biggs
  • Between the Wind and the Sea by Caitlin Scannell
  • Change of Plans by Megan Rose Gedris
  • Chosen by Tsukiyono
  • College Days by Boltplum
  • Crossplay by Niki Smith
  • Cross the Lea by Onorobo
  • Darlin' It's Betta Down Where It's Wetta by Megan Rose Gedris
  • Dirty Deeds by Megan Rose Gedris
  • First by S.W. Searle
  • Friends by Niki Smith
  • Ghost by Yana Goya
  • Giving In by Yana Goya
  • Gomorrah by Apollo Pop
  • Heart of Gold by Aero Zero
  • ID by Jennie Breeden
  • It'll Do by N.G. Chan
  • The Lady Eudora Henley by Megan Rose Gedris
  • Last Night with My Friend by N.G. Chan
  • Little Red Threads by Gina Biggs
  • Lucky Clover by Gutsy
  • My Neighbor the Magus by Tsukiyono
  • No Questions by Niki Smith
  • Object of Affection by Megan Rose Gedris
  • Overtime by Crystal Jayme
  • Peppermint by Aud Koch
  • Portals by Kori Michele
  • Queens of the Steppe by Molly Ostertag
  • Quick & (un)Easy Research of Human Sexuality by Ariel Vittori
  • Riding Hood by Gina Biggs
  • A Rose by Any Other Name by Ariel Vittori
  • See Me After Class by Apollo Pop
  • Shamisen by N.G. Chan
  • The Storm by Gina Biggs
  • Such Great Heights by Aud Koch
  • Technicolor London by Crystal Jayme
  • Thorn Prince by Jamie Jennings
  • Work Break by Gina Biggs
  • You Do Something To Me by Megan Rose Gedris

Print CollectionsEdit

Food PornEdit

Published January 2016. In addition to comics, it also contains actual recipes related to each story.

A recipe for pure delight! This women-created anthology features eighteen comics that indulge in the sensuality of food, a perfect tapas of erotic treats for anyone with good taste! Within these pages you will find eager mermen, chocolate monsters, robot boyfriends, girlfriends with the munchies, and so much more.

Cover by Apollo Pop

Savory Edit

  • Following Directions by Kori Michele
  • Safe Harbor by Kickingshoes
  • Food Talk by Boltplum
  • Quick Distraction by Crystal Jayme
  • Lion and the Lamb by Niki Smith
  • Knead and Rise by Dechanique
  • Breakfast in Bed by Dumpling Heart
  • Complex Spice by Tsukiyono

Sweet Edit

  • Overload by Apollo Pop
  • A La Mode by Gina Biggs
  • Raspberry Heart by Tessa Woodis
  • A Little Different by Jamie Jennings
  • Nectar by Aero Zero
  • Crumble Me by Ariel Vittori
  • Seaside Sweethearts by S.W. Searle

Savory & Sweet Edit

  • Red Summer by Molly Ostertag
  • Red Bean Buns by Blue Delliquanti
  • The Munchies by Megan Rose Gedris

Pinups by Aud Koch and Jess Fink