Fly Orr is a New York based comic artist, writer and punk rock singer.

Fly came to work in New York in the late 1980s, and got involved with ABC No Rio, a social center for punks and artists located at 156 Rivington street in New York City's Lower East Side.[1] She is a member of the World War 3 Illustrated collective,[2] and a contributor to the anthology Juicy Mother, edited by Jennifer Camper, which was published by Manic D Press in 2007.[3]

In 2003, Fly had an art show held in the Cartoon Art Museum in California.[4] She has also done cover artwork for Hungry March Band, Adeline Records and Geykido Comet Records.[1] Aside from freelance cover artwork, she has printed many photocopy zines of her artwork and published books. In 1998, Fly had her first book, CHRON!IC!RIOTS!PA!SM!, published by Autonomedia.[5][6] In 2003, she published a graphic novel-style book named PEOPS, a collection of portraits and stories about people Fly has met. The book was released by Soft Skull Press, and subtitled “Portraits and Stories of People”.[6] In 2006, she was invited as a guest speaker at the Victoria International Arts Symposium.[7] In December this same year, Fly appeared at the Grace Comics showcase alongside Elizabeth Merrick.[8]

She self-published several comics, and her work appeared in magzines and anthologies such as Juxtapoz, The Comics Journal, Village Voice, San Francisco Bay Guardian, Raygun, The Bradleys (Fantagraphics), World War 3 Illustrated, Punk, Maximumrocknroll, MonkeySuit and Slug & Lettuce. She also created the collection Total Disaster. She has contributed to such all-female anthologies as Broad Appeal, On Our Butts, She Draws Comics, and Girltalk. She frequently collaborates with writer K-9.

Aside from visual arts, Fly also engages in the spoken word and musical collage art of her band Zero Content (named after one of her comic strips) which can be heard on several Geykido Comet Records Compilations.[5] Previously, she played bass and did vocals for several years with Craig Flanagin in the band God Is My Co-Pilot, with which she went on tours in the 1990s.[5][6][1]

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