Graphic Details
Curator: Michael Kaminer and Sarah Lightman
Venue: Cartoon Art Museum; San Francisco

The Koffler Centre; Toronto
Yeshiva University Museum; New York City
D.C. Jewish Community Center
Oregon Jewish Museum; Portland
Jewish Museum of Florida; Miami
Space Station 65, London
Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum, Columbus, Ohio

Opened: SF: October 2010

Toronto: February 17, 2011
NYC: September 22, 2011
DC: June 7, 2012
Portland:October 17, 2012
Miami: November 4, 2013
London: September 23, 2014
Columbus: Spring 2015

Closed: SF: January 27, 2011

Toronto: April 17, 2011
NYC: April 29, 2012
DC: September 3, 2012
Portland: February 17, 2013
Miami: February 16, 2014
London: December 13, 2014

Topic: Jewish autobiographical comics creators

Graphic Details: Confessional Comics by Jewish Women is a touring exhibition about autobiographical comics by Jewish women, curated by journalist Michael Kaminer and Laydeez Do Comics co-founder Sarah Lightman, based on an article Kaminer wrote for the Jewish Daily Forward in 2008[1] It debuted at San Francisco's Cartoon Art Museum in October 2010, and was shown at Toronto's The Koffler Centre for the Arts in January 2011, and New York City's Yeshiva University Museum.

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  1. Kaminer, Michael. "Graphic Confessions of Jewish Women", The Jewish Daily Forward, Published 8 December 2008, Accessed 18 December 2014

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