Heroine (stylized as Heröine) is a 1978 British underground comic book, edited by Suzy Varty, through the Birmingham Arts Lab Press. It was the first women's anthology published in Britain, however, it was not "all-female" due to contributions by Tony Jackson and Borin Van Loon. It was distributed in the United States by Hassle Free Press.


Cover by Suzy Varty

  • Mummy by Sue Ash
  • Heroine by Suzy Varty
  • Fish Song, written by Fran Landsman, art by Lyn Foulkes
  • A Spree in the Bull Ring by Julia Wakefield
  • Talk's Cheap written by Tony Jackson, art by Suzy Varty
  • Tree by Trina Robbins
  • Intellectual Bull Comix by Borin Van Loon
  • Plight of the Artiste by Kate Walker
  • Doctors and Nurses written by Tony Jackson, art by Suzy Varty
  • Michael Scott, The Magician by Meg Amsden
  • The Original Sex Machine by Judy Watson
  • Zhiza by Suzy Varty
  • Sexist Strip by Paula Williams
  • If by Judy Watson
  • Part of the Furniture by Lyn Foulkes

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