Indira Neville (b.1973) is a New Zealand comic creator, best known for her series Nice Gravy.

Life and worksEdit

Indira Neville was born in Kawakawa, New Zealand, in 1973. She became a comic artist after joining the Hamilton comics collective Oats Comics. Neville began drawing mini comics, both solo and in collaboration with fellow Oats creators Clayton Noone and Stefan Neville, her brother. Her minicomics have been published in several Australian zines. Her first ongoing solo was Nice Gravy, which ran for at least thirteen issues from 1994-2003.

Outside of comics, Neville began her career working in television production after graduating from AUT University in 1993. Since gaining a graduate diploma in teaching in 1997, Neville has worked in the field of education, winning a Microsoft Innovative Teacher Award for her work. She currently lives and works in Northland, New Zealand.


  • Nice Gravy
  • I Have Control of My Hair
  • Funny Head
  • Head Heart Stand