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Jill Elgin
Birth Name: Kathleen Josephine Elgin
Born: January 13, 1923
Died: January 25, 2005
Country: United States
Area(s): Artist
Notable Work: Girl Commandos

Jill Elgin was a comic artist who drew the World War II comic 'Girl Commandos' between 1942 and 1945. She had taken the art on this comic over from Barbara Hall. She also drew Blonde Bomber and Twinkle Twins stories for Speed. Her work also appeared in Champ, Green Hornet, and Wild Bill Hickok.[1] She also drew the Golden Age Black Cat, Harvey Comics's most popular female superhero.

Elgin also illustrated a number of children's books, such as 'The Adventures of Silly Billy', written by Tamara Kit, in 1961.[2]


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