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Kate Beaton
Birth Name: Kathryn Beaton
Born: September 8, 1983
Country: Canada
Area(s): Webcomics
Notable Work: Hark! A Vagrant
Web Presence
Official Site

Kate Beaton (born September 8, 1983) is a Canadian artist best known for her webcomic Hark! A Vagrant.

Life and CareerEdit

Beaton was born in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, a small town of only 1500 people[1] near Halifax. She majored in History and Anthropology at Mount Allison in New Brunswick,[2] and after university worked in such diverse places as museums and an oil company.

While working at a museum in Victoria, British Columbia, she was encouraged by co-worker Emily Horne to put her comics that she drew for friends online; she started to do so in October 2007[3]. Her comics, which were largely either autobiographical or historically-themed, started to attract new readers. She later named it "Hark! A Vagrant" after a line of dialogue from one of her strips. In September 2008, she moved to Toronto, where she connected with other cartoonists who put her in touch with Topatoco, from which she began to sell merchandise. Her first collection of strips, Never Learn Anything from History, was so successful it went into three printings.

Her success with Hark! A Vagrant has allowed her to pursue cartooning full-time, and she has had cartoon and illustration work published by the New Yorker and Harpers magazines, and the Criterion Collection. She has also worked for Marvel, drawing and writing or collaborating on three stories in the Strange Tales II anthology. Drawn and Quarterly published a collection of her comics in September 2011.

She currently lives in New York City with fellow cartoonist Meredith Gran, working in the "Pizza Island" studio.


  • Comics Festival (Free Comic Book Day) (2008)
    • "Blackbeard"
  • Hark! A Vagrant! (2011)
  • Never Learn Anything from History (2009)
  • MySpace Dark Horse Presents (2008) #20
  • Machine of Death (2010)
    • "Love Ad Nauseum" (illustration)
  • Strange Tales II (2010) #1, 3
    • "A Distraction"
    • "Rogue Gets In Trouble"


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