Katie Shanahan is a cartoonist, animator and storyboard artist from Toronto, Canada. Her published works include short stories drawn for the critically acclaimed comic anthologies "Flight" and "The Anthology Project". Her animation credits include work as a storyboard artist, character designer and animator on shows for PBS Kids, Cartoon Network and National Geographic Kids.

Her latest projects include a short story for Womanthology: Heroic written by Joamette Gil titled "Margarite and Leopold", and "Silly Kingdom" a self published humor-fantasy comic collaboration with her brother and frequent-creative-partner Steven (shaggy) Shanahan.


  • "Silly Kingdom: Alengrimrickshaw's 211th Birthday" written by Steven (Shaggy) Shanahan
  • "Margarite and Leopold" written by Joamette Gil, Womanthology: Heroic
  • "Buttons and Jim: What's Stopping the Gravy Train?" written by Steven (Shaggy) Shanahan, "Flight" Volume 8
  • "Hello", "The Anthology Project" Volume 2
  • "Fairy Market" written by Steven (Shaggy) Shanahan, "Flight" Volume 7
  • "Musical Misfit", "Side B: A Music Lover's Comic Anthology"

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