Ladies' Night Anthology is an anthology founded in 2013 by regular attendees of Chicago's Graham Cracker Comics's Ladies Night events. All volumes are edited by Lauren Burke, Megan Byrd, and Caitlin Rosberg. Additional editors include Hannah K. Chapman, Wendi Freeman, Anissa Espinosa, Kris Mackenzie, and Summer Sparacin.

Volume 1 - ChicagoEdit

Cover by Ed Cheverton

Volume 2 - Death & PromEdit


Cover by Sarah Benkin

Volume 3 - How to Magic Edit


Cover by Carolina Arriagada

Volume 4 - Eat It Up Edit

Cover by Jenn St-Onge

Edited by Lauren Burke, Megan Byrd, Caitlin Rosberg, and Summer Sparacin

  • Kaia Alderson
  • Anissa Espinosa
  • Francesca de la Fuente
  • Lela Gwenn
  • Becca Hillburn
  • Kata Kane
  • Dani Knight
  • Stephanie Mided
  • Amber Padilla
  • Brittany Peer
  • Katy Rex
  • Ashley Ribblett
  • Al Rosenberg
  • Diana Salata
  • Rachel Simon
  • Dayna K. Smith
  • Jenn St-Onge
  • Yee Wai
  • Suzanne Walker
  • Evelyn Zottler

Volume 5 - Sisters Edit


Pitches for Volume 5, themed "Sisters" were due April 30, 2017.

External LinksEdit

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