Linda Stephenson wrote for British girls' comics in the 1980s, including "The Button Box" for Tammy. She also wrote for The Beano, The Topper, Hi Magazine and a weekly soap for the Bunty called "Luv Lisa". She has published five non fiction books on magic and juggling several audio books under her imprint Jasper Rabbit Books and has two radio plays broadcast as podcasts on www.nobarriersradio.comShe also writes the Miss Hewitt Investigates crime series available in audio book form and available on line from Amazon and other books outlets.An E Book Miss Hewitt's Case Book is now published on Kindle. Ref BOO7VLPPO see website for futher details. New E book now on Kindle. It is a selection of stories for older children and adults called The Tiggidy. See website for futher information. The Waterloo Man now in Kindle. A sparkling regency mystery and romance/ Kindle ref B008HQHWMS.


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