Lise Myhre (born November 1, 1975) is a Norwegian cartoonist, most famous for her newspaper strip, Nemi

Life and CareerEdit

She was born in Lørenskog and raised in Skedsmokorset, Norway. After a short study of graphical design at the Santa Monica College of Art in California, she moved to Oslo in 1995, where she continued studies at the Mercantile Institute (graphic design/mac design). At the same time, she worked as a bartender at So What! and Elm Street rock bar. Myhre took jobs as an illustrator for CD covers and T-shirts while still in her teens, and made ​​her first comic in 1996. These were published in such Free newspapers as Planetarium C, the Norwegian version of Mad Magazine, and Pyton.

Her first series was without a review figures, but soon Anne And - a series that started as a tribute to Charlie Christensen's Arne And (which is a parody of Donald Duck) - and MP, which was published in the Larsons Gale Verden, a comic book primarily dedicated to reprinting Gary Larson's The Far Side. From 1997, Myhre was given her own page in Larsons Gale Verden, "Den svarte siden" (English: the Black Side/Page), and this developed into Nemi.

From 1999, Nemi was a guest cartoon in the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet, and from 2000 as a regular. In 1999, Myhre won the Bergen City comic prize for newcomers at the Raptus comics festival. The first Nemi album was published the summer 2000, and it was a great success. In 2002 she received the Oslo city's art award for "outstanding achievement in Oslo's art scene." Since Myhre changed publisher, from Bladkompaniet to Egmont, in January 2003, there is a new Nemi magazine published every 6 weeks.

Nemi, with a circulation of more than 70,000 copies, is now one the two most popular cartoons in Norway, next to Pondus. Nemi is today published in approximately 60 different newspapers, magazines and websites in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, England and Scotland. Amongst these, the Metro (in England, Scotland and Ireland), Dagens Nyheter (Sweden), Ilta-Sanomat (Finland) and Dagbladet (Norway) are the biggest.

She has also illustrated poems by Edgar Allan Poe and André Bjerke with characters from Nemi.

She is married to musician ICS Vortex (Simen Hestnæs) and has two sons.


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