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Madame Xanadu: Extra-Sensory
Mxan extra
Publication date August 2011
Published by Vertigo Comics
ISBN 978-1401231590
Madame Xanadu: Extra-Sensory is the fourth and final story arc of the Vertigo series written by Matt Wagner. Each of the six issues (#24-29) was drawn by a different female artist, and each deals with one of the five senses, plus the "sixth sense".

Wagner specifically wanted to work with female artists, as he explained in his introductory note to the first script:

Welcome, one and all, to what I think is going to be a unique and creatively fertile run of this book. I’m VERY excited to have the chance to work with such a vibrant and diverse set of talented women! I’ve been in this business a long time and I think it’s just wonderful that the once-restrictive walls that maintained the “boys’ club” nature of the comic-book field have fallen to a more equitable pool of artistic talents. BRAVO![1]



  1. Vertigo: Graphic Content, "Extra-Sensory - The Plot, by Matt Wagner"

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