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Manhunt, also known as Manhunt Comix was an underground anthology edited by Terry Richards that ran for two issues from 1973 to 1974. It is notable among feminist underground comix of the time for having several male contributors creating stories that contrast dramatically with the overwhelmingly chauvanist and misogynistic output from the rest of male underground cartoonists of the time. Some of these men were either married to or would later marry prominent women cartoonists (e.g. Ted Richards to Terry, Justin Green to Carol Tyler).


Issue 1Edit

Cover by Lee Marrs
  • "Add-a-Breast" advertisement by Terry Richards
  • I Loved a Vampire... and Lived by Michelle Brand
  • Yell Queen by Gary Hallgren
  • Hot Breakfast by Shary Flenniken (as Melody Friendship)
  • Henpeck Breaks Out by Willy Murphy
  • My Fat Came Between Us by Aline Kominsky
  • Ms Mary Worthless by anonymous
  • Manhunt! by Gary Hallgren
  • Little League by Ted Richards
  • Dr. Reuben Ruined My Sex Life by Lora Fountain
  • The Left-Overs: Boys Will Be Boys by Gary King
  • Slum Goddess by Bobby London
  • The Blow Job by Shelby Samson
  • Can This Marriage Be Destroyed? by Ted Richards
  • Calamity Jane Gets Her Man by Sharon Rudahl
  • The Brassiere Charades (back cover) written by Gail Madonea, art by Lee Marrs

Issue 2Edit

Cover by Becky Wilson
  • Step Into My Boudoir by "Helen Dirty Girly" (probably Terry Richards)
  • I Was a Fag Hag written by Lola Bennet, art by Trina Robbins
  • My Lovers' Line-up by Justin Green
  • A Separate Reality written by Ted Richards, art by T. Stanley
  • Child Molester by Leslie Carbarga
  • The Sexual Intellectual (text article) by Nancy Griffith
  • Meet Mark Turk by Terry Richards, co-written by Willy Murphy
  • A Hard Man is Good to Find by Gary Hallgren
  • I Cheated to Save My Marriage by Sharon Rudahl
  • The Man From M.A.C.H.O. by Ted Richards, co-written by Sheridan Anderson
  • Astro-Match by Terry Richards
  • Henry's Punctured Romance by Willy Murphy
  • Cock O' The Wok by Gary Hallgren
  • I Wuz a Teenage Intellekshul by Lee Marrs
  • Magna-Vibes by Justin Green
  • "Manhunt Satisfies" advertisement parody by Shelby Sampson

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