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Marjorie Liu
Country: United States
Area(s): Writer
Notable Work: NYX, X-23, Dark Wolverine
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Official Site

Marjorie M. Liu is a New York Times bestselling author and comic book writer. She attended law school at the University of Wisconsin, graduated in May 2003, and was admitted to the bar. She became a paranormal romance novelist after growing dissatisfied with legal practice.

After writing an X-Men novel in 2005, fulfilling a longtime dream to write something for Marvel Comics, Liu began talking with editors about working in comics. Three years later that she got her first assignment, the X-Men spin-off NYX. She currently serves as co-writer on Marvel’s Daken: Dark Wolverine and has launched a new ongoing X-23 series. She also wrote the 2010 Black Widow series, concurring with the character’s introduction to the Marvel film universe in Iron Man 2.

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