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Marjorie Organ
Marjorie Organ 1907
Birth Name: Marjorie Organ
Born: December 3 1886
Died: July 1930
Country: Ireland, United States
Area(s): artist, cartoonist

Marjorie Organ was one of the first first female newspaper cartoonists in America. She was born in Ireland on December 3 1886, the daughter of a wallpaper designer. Her family moved to New York c. 1895, and Marjorie attended Saint Joseph's School and the Normal College (later Hunter College) before studying with cartoonist Dan McCarthy. In 1902, at the age of 16, she joined the staff of the New York Evening Journal, working in the paper's art room with Richard Outcault, Rudolph Dirks and Paul Bransom. She was regarded as something of a "maverick" by the social mores of the day, making no objection to the older men's salty humour.

She created "Little Reggie and the Heavenly Twins", a strip about a hapless little man strung along by a pair of beautiful but manipulative girls, which ran in the Journal from 27 October 1902 to 3 February 1905. It has been suggested that Organ herself and her best friend Helen Marie Walsh, who married Rudolph Dirks, may have been the inspiration for the "Twins". She also created "The Wrangle Sisters", about a pair of young socialites, which ran in the Journal from 8 December 1904 to 7 January 1905, and several others for the Journal and the New York World, including "Strange What a Difference a Mere Man Makes!", "Girls Will Be Girls", "The Man Haters' Club" and "Lady Bountiful".

In 1908, when she was a student of the New York School of Art, she met the head of the school, the widowed painter Robert Henri. Three weeks later they married in Connecticut. Her career as a cartoonist ended, but she continued to paint and draw, exhibiting at the 1913 Armory Show in New York City, and managed her husband's business and social life. Henri painted a portrait of her in 1910, "O in Black with Scarf". She died of cancer in July 1930.


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