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Mary Fleener
Born: 1951
Country: United States
Notable Work: Life of the Party
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Mary Fleener (b. 1951) is an American comics creator known for her "cubismo" artwork, and particularly her autobiographical anthology, Life of the Party.

Life and worksEdit

Fleener was born in Los Angeles in 1951. She majored in Printmaking at California State University, although she considers herself self-taught. After reading an article on comics in the LA Weekly by Matt Groening in 1984, Fleening began creating and publishing her own mini-comics. Her first solo comic was published in 1988, a tribute to Zorla Neale Hurston, a Harlem Renaissance writer, entitled Hoodoo.

As well as comic creation, Fleener has done illustration work for magazine like Entertainment Weekly, and various album art. She also sculpts ceramics, paints - including work on velvet - and is a member of rock back The Wigbillies. Fleener lives in Encinita with her husband.


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