Maura McHugh is a comic book writer who lives in Galway, Ireland.

Life and CareerEdit

Maura was born in the USA, but her parents moved back to Ireland when she was child. She did a B.A. in English in History at the University in Galway, and followed it by M.A. in English. In her early twenties she lived and worked in New York.

She moved back to Dublin and got involved in running sf conventions for several years and began writing more seriously. During this time she worked in the IT industry in various companies before becoming a freelance consultant.

After moving to Galway she began interested in screenwriting and film. She took a Diploma in Film Studies and followed it with a M.A. in Screenwriting.

She secured a spot in the Clarion West Writing Workshop in Seattle, and from that point onward her sf/fantasy/horror stories began getting published in magazines and anthologies in the USA and the UK.

At this time she also started working for the Writers Guild of Ireland  as its newsletter editor and web site manager.

In 2009 she was approached by Robert Curley, the owner of the comic book small press Atomic Diner, to write a three-issue comic book called Róisín Dubh . She started developing the story and writing the scripts. After some delay the first issue was released in 2011, with art by Stephen Daly.

That year her short script ‘Hotel Training’ was shot by Irish director Conor McMahon, and premiered as part of the Hotel Darklight anthology film.

In 2010 she and author Christopher Fowler launched a horror short fiction competition called The Campaign for Real Fear in an attempt to attract a diverse range of writers. The twenty winners were published in UK horror magazine Black Static.

Later that year she was again asked by Curley to develop and write another three-issue comic book series called Jennifer Wilde, with art by Stephen Downey. The first issue was published in 2011.

In 2011 her script 'The Nail' was accepted to the women-created comic book anthology Womanthology, created by Renea De Liz. She was paired with artist Star St. Germain.

In March 2014 it was announced that she was co-writing a Witchfinder mini-series called The Mysteries of Unland, with Kim Newman - art by Tyler Crook, colours by Dave Stewart, lettering by Clem Robins, and covers by Julian Totino Tedesco, published by Dark Horse Comics.


  • A member of the jury for Golden Blasters Short Film Competition (2009 -2013)
  • A member of the jury for the Script Pitching Competition at the Junior Galway Film Fleadh (2009 - 2013)
  • A member of The Shirley Jackson Awards (2011)
  • A member of the jury for the British Fantasy Awards (2012).




20 Fairy tales retold with a dark slant, illustrated by Jane Laurie .
20 Myths retold with a dark slant, illustrated by Jane Laurie .

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