Adam ant gray

"The Fantastic Adventures of Adam Ant" from TV Tops

Maureen Gray (b. c. 1940?), in collaboration with her husband Gordon, drew "Kid's Army" and adaptations of TV and pop music tie-ins like Fame and "The Fantastic Adventures of Adam Ant" for DC Thomson's TV Tops comic, c. 1982. They then started working for Look-In, drawing "Buck's Fizz" (1983-84), "The Story So Far" (1985-86), "Airwolf" (1986-87) and "Five Star Life" (1987). The pair usually signed their work "Gray". The couple also illustrated numerous books between 1974 and 2003. In 2007 Maureen created a graphic novel, The Haunting of Julia, based on Mary Hooper's children's novel Thirteen Candles. The Grays were based in Dunoon, Scotland.


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