Men Are from Detroit, Women Are from Paris is a collection of comic strips and panels featuring a humorous take on men and relationships from women cartoonists' points of view. It was edited by Roz Warren and published in 1999 by Hysteria Publications.

Book DescriptionEdit

Men Are from Detroit, Women Are from Paris strips down the male psyche to its bare essence. Every type of guy you ever wanted to meet (or not meet) is lampooned here by some of the most talented women cartoonists working today: Roz Chast, Nicole Hollander, Lynn Johnston, Rina Piccolo, Nina Paley, and many more.



  • Garden Variety Guys
  • The Traditional Male
  • A Man's Best Friend
  • Off Road Adventure
  • The Male Mind
  • Lost Guys
  • Impossible Men
  • Gay Men
  • Dating Men
  • Men and Sex
  • Working Men
  • Married Men
  • Men and Housework
  • Fathers
  • Talking to Guys
  • Perfect Men
  • Fantasy Men