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Merrylen Townsend
Born: September 23, 1916
Died: July 22, 1999
Country: United States
Area(s): Cartoonist
Notable Work: Gag cartoons

Merrylen Townsend, later Lerman, (September 23, 1916 - July 22, 1999)[1] was a cartoonist in the 1940s and '50s.

Townsend was born in Chicago, moving to Florida during her youth, before studying art at the Cincinnati Art Institute. There she took an interest in cartooning and caricature, moving to New York City after school to sell her cartoons to magazines.

Throughout her career, she worked for all venues of gag cartoons, from comic books, humor magazines, newspaper strips, and even wartime men's magazines. Also Merrylen drew cartoons for The Saturday Evening Post as well as Case and Comment which was a magizine for lawyers and judges. In 1944, her cartoons from This Week magazine were included in Lawrence Lariar's Best Cartoons of the Year.[2] In 1946, she introduced her naive character "Cissie" to the magazine Pack o' Fun (vol.3 no.5, April 1946)[3]

She passed away at the age of 83 in Tucson, Arizona. [1]


  • The Saturday Evening Post
  • Ladies Home Journal
  • Cinderella Love (1950) #4, 25, 27
    • "Cindy"
    • "The Big Date"; "Man Hunt"; "Cindy and the Boss"
    • "Man Hunt"
  • Famous Stars (1950) #6
    • "Fan Club"
  • Romantic Marriage (1950) #13
    • "Budget Blues"
    • "Shopping Spree"
  • Teen-Age Romances (1949) #41
    • "Women and Wit"



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