Nicole Claveloux (born June 23, 1940 in Saint-Étienne, France) is a French illustrator, painter, and comics artist

Life and CareerEdit

After studying at the Beaux Arts de Saint-Étienne, She was, with Bernard Bonhomme, Etienne Delessert, and Philippe Corentin, one of the first French to work for the publisher Harlin Quist, her works including The Secret Journey of Hugo the Brat (1967), text by François Ruy-Vidal; The Bright Red Porcupine (1968), text by Tony Cavin; Forest of Lilacs (1969), based on a story by the Comtesse de Segur, and The Teletrips of Atala (1970), text by Guy Monreal.

The influence of the German Heinz Edelman (designer of the animated film Yellow Submarine) is notable throughout her design and elegant shades of faded colors. Her use of perspective and scale in the image is very much in the aesthetics of the 1960s. The influence of American Pushpin Studio is also noticeable.

She created Grabot for Okapi in 1973 and Louise XIV and Cactus acide et Beurre fondu, featuring irreverent characters and grimacing in a world in constant transformation.

In the 1970s, far from being confined to avant-garde young adult illustration, like that of Alice in Wonderland (1974), she also contributed to adult magazines such as Heavy Metal, and Ah ! Nana, an all-women's anthology. Les Humanoïdes Associés also published two albums scripted by Edith Zha, The Green Thumb (1978) and Dead Season (1979). Also from Humanoïdes came the 1980 comic book by Nicole Claveloux, The Small Vegetable who Dreamed of Being a Panther, in which she wrote most of the stories.

She often collaborates with Bernard Bonhomme and Christian Bruel (L'Heure des parents, Nours, Pour de rire, La Belle et la Bête,Toujours devant). Her solo work includes Quel genre de bisous ?, Tout est bon dans le bébé, La Ballade des bigorneaux, and Professeur Totem et docteur Tabou . In the first decade of the 21st century, she illustrated the novel Les Enquêtes de Mister Bonflair by Claire Clement .

Her work is the subject of Nicole Claveloux et compagnie by Christian Bruel, She has recently done two erotic illustrated books: Selections from Beauty and the Beast (Eden Productions) in 2003 and Confessions d'un monte-en-l'air (Folies Ink Publishing) in 2007.

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