Ogawa Burukku (born November 2, 1983) is a professional artist, webcomic author, translator, and storyboard artist. She has been working and living in Japan for over ten years.

Life and CareerEdit

In 2004, Ogawa Burukku moved to Japan to work in the field of manga. She worked off-and-on as an assistant for mangaka Shinichi Ishizuka and L. Shindou while attending the Nippon Designer Gakuin, where she got a degree in manga making and was awarded the Diligence Award by her school upon graduation in 2008. 

By 2009 Ogawa Burukku had begun to work with an editor at Kodansha's Weekly Shounen Magazine, but the two parted ways after an unsuccessful year working on one-shots.

In 2011, Ogawa Burukku made her professional debut as a comic artist with digital publisher Comic Sha-Keen!, her first published work entitled Burn! Fireshot!!, a one-shot gag comic about bowling.

While working as a freelance translator for manga companies, Ogawa Burukku decided to try working independently, frequenting events such as Comic Market and Comitia with her original one-shots before beginning her weekly webcomic / webmanga series FaLLEN, an ongoing magical girls series rated Teen+ and read by both men and women alike. The series started in the fall of 2012 and continues to be updated every week.

Ogawa Burukku speaks Japanese and English and works as a full-time artist and translator for companies in and out of Japan. She is married to a Japanese man from a small town in Ehime, and together they live with their Italian greyhound in Matsuyama, Japan.