Bull-Gloria Gordon

"The Adventures of Gloria Gordon", Fads and Fancies, 1950

Reina Mary Bull, née Sington, was born on July 24, 1924 in Bexhill-on-Sea, England.

She spent part of her childhood in Japan, where her German-born father was a lecturer. She began her career as an artist by illustrating cheap, saucy paperbacks and magazines in the later 40s, signing her work "Sington", "Reina" and "Janine". Her magazine work included comic strips, including "The Adventures of Gloria Gordon" for Fads and Fancies magazine (1950). In the 50s she painted covers for science fiction magazines, signed "RMB", in a style reminiscent of American illustrator Margaret Brundage. Her work focused on women, often in peril and in states of undress, and showed a disregard for formal perspective and anatomy.

She married Randolph Cecil Bull, a publishing executive and editor, in 1949, but appears to have divorced him, as her death, in Uttesford, Essex, in November 2000, is registered under her maiden name.


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