Robyn E. Kenealy is an independent New Zealand comics creator, known for her involvement in establishing the 91 Aro St Gallery and her ongoing comic, Roddy's Film Companion.

Life and worksEdit

Kenealy is based in Wellington, New Zealand. She works with her husband curating The Wayfarer Gallery's collection and archiving experimental Wellington art. In 2004 she was heavily involved in the opening of the 91 Aro St Gallery, an outlet for independent arts with a particular emphasis on independent New Zealand comics. The gallery held more than 20 exhibitions during its twelve-month run.

Kenealy has also appeared in the film Murmurs, which focuses on Wellington bohemian subculture, and two documentaries: Boys Suck: Throw Rocks at Them, which follows Kenealy on her journey to the 2004 Eric Awards, and The Comics Show.

All of Kenealy's work has been published independently. Her first series, Influenza in Wellington, ran for four issues from 2002 until 2004, and was followed by Love Ain't Easy. Her work has appeared in numerous anthologies. Currently she is working on the ongoing series Roddy's Film Companion, a fictionalised biography of actor Roddy McDowell.


  • Influenza In Wellington
  • Love Ain't Easy
  • Roddy's Film Companion
  • The Darkroom


  • Aotearoa Student Press Association Award for Best Cartoon (The Darkroom)